Technical Expertise
Team Approach
"ProConsultant Informatique has been an excellent technical and business partner, always responsive to changing technologies and proactive in finding solutions."

Marie-Christine Saragosse
General Manager, TV5MONDE
Picture Copyright: TV5MONDE
Collaborative Team Work

Our team of highly qualified engineers, project managers and training professionals work in close collaboration with customers during the entire project – from the early stages of planning continuing through implementation, training and support.

In every project, we follow a disciplined and proven methodology to ensure maximum success. The process includes four phases: Audit, Validation, Acceptance and Support.

During the Audit stage of the project, customer's project managers and super users receive overview training to give them a better understanding of the major functionalities, options and architecture of the software.

In parallel, the ProConsultant Informatique project team conducts a thorough workflow analysis and a survey of the technical environment. This critical step results in an Audit Report, which provides the essential information for customizing and configuring the system to achieve the client business requirements.

After customer agreement on the Audit recommendations, the system is configured to meet the unique and desired workflows. Each configuration is fully tested, first by ProConsultant Informatique in its own environment, and then by the customer in a Validation phase. During this stage, hands-on training, emphasizing the particulars of the workflow continues. Based on ongoing feedback, the system is fine-tuned and adjusted to provide maximum efficiencies.

A contractual Acceptance procedure includes a specific period of validation with criteria for meeting system requirements and functionalities.

Our products are continually updated and improved with new features and modules. Within the context of a support agreement, ProConsultant Informatique provides updates of the core system, bug fixes and hot-line support during office hours.