A challenging
and dynamic environment
A innovative leader

ProConsultant Informatique S.A.S., is an innovative leader in the development and implementation of business management software for the broadcast industry.

ProConsultant Informatique products and expertise are known worldwide. They enhance our growth and development. They are real vehicles for job opportunities. ProConsultant Informatique has been growing for years, thanks mostly to the company’s emphasis on human resources development.

Joining ProConsultant Informatique is a way to prove your abilities in an organization that constantly evolves to meet the needs of a fast-changing environment.

We place high value on adaptation skills, pro-active engagement and team collaboration.

ProConsultant Informatique is also a state of mind, values and a success story based on performance and individual responsibility.

If you are focused on clients, results and performance; if innovation, mental agility, integrity, confidence and humility mean something special for you, then join our team!

Our values:
Respect for our values
Efficiency in our method
Force and solidarity of our teams
Loyalty internally and externally
Excellence in our work
Commitment in our acts
Tenacity in our projects
Available positions
Development engineers
Project leaders
Sales Account Representative

Our team is our future. It is the heart of our company and the key to our ongoing success.

More than a degree, your motivation, your enthusiasm, your challenge spirit will be decisive!

If one of these jobs held your attention, please send your application (résumé and cover letter) to:

ProConsultant Informatique
Service Recrutement
11, rue Saussaie en Mi-Terre
Zone Actisud Saint Jean
57130 Jouy-aux-Arches, France

or to :