Business Management Solution for Media Group Mogador Cindy Louise
Superior content management
functionality delivers outstanding benefits
Flexibility and Control

Louise © is an advanced media asset management software with incredible flexibility that delivers extraordinarily benefits for broadcast organizations. Designed full lifecycle media asset management in both linear and non-linear environments Louise © streamlines workflows and adds incredible efficiencies to any TV channel operation, regardless of station size or type of programming.

A sampling of some key features and benefits

Key Features

Key Benefits

  • Centralized database provides a single solution regardless of the number of channels, whether linear or non-linear.
  • Unified, Single System. Simultaneously handles metadata for any number of channels, regardless of platform.
  • Complete management of media assets and programming content - rights, scheduling, financials, library management, commercial blocks, and airtime continuity.
  • Increases Efficiency. Different departments can share tasks and information from the centralized digital media assets database for improved cooperation and time savings. Simplified system administration.
  • Dynamic updating - Multiple dynamic links automatically reflect changes in real-time to ensure the latest, accurate information.
  • Current Information - The content management system automatically updates across channels to give you the current status of any item.
  • Seamless integration with other internal systems and industry standard equipment, such as automation, broadcast servers, archive systems and transcoders.

  • Superior Professional Services. ProConsultant Informatique works with customers every step of the way. Our breadth of experience offers insights for optimizing workflows.
  • Powerful Task Manager optimizes workflows, particularly in tapeless environments. Manages and automates complex, sequential tasks, device control, event triggers and other custom functions.
  • Simplify Production. Task Manager can perform background and foreground tasks, reducing human error and allowing manpower to be allocated to other critical functions.
  • Streamline workflows. Easily adaptable to different customer needs, including linear and tapeless workflows.
  • Flexible for Expansion. The system is easily scalable; add new channels and new distribution platforms.
  • User-friendly interfaces relevant to specific tasks within the content chain – from acquisition (tape or digital media assets) and production through to broadcast or other platform delivery.
  • Ease of use. The system is easy to learn, even easier to use with a graphical interface, keyboard scheduling assistants and task-related screens and views that conform to specific jobs.
  • Graphical grids with color-coded categories; multiple views to meet particular needs and preferences.

  • Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks one-time data entry speeds workflows across departments. Multi-level searches with “my” saved searches and frequently used search patterns adds efficiencies to streamline broadcast workflows.
  • Powerful search capabilities, including fast, multi-criteria searches and saved searches patterns.
  • Monitor Usage for Budgeting. Use special report views to monitor your programming against budget targets and to optimize your resources.
  • Customizable reports. Supplement standard reports with your preferred criteria and different views to analyze planning, budgeting and financial data.
  • Ensure Accuracy. Centralized metadata with end-to-end tracking ensures the integrity of rights reporting and program management.
  • End-to-end, comprehensive tracking of metadata assets across different channels and platforms, at every stage of the production chain.

  • Leverage Promotions. Optimize publicity and promotional efforts with protected sharing. A single, secure media asset management system shares relevant media assets.
  • Link promotion and press material. Improve efficiency with content-linked distribution of promotional elements internally and externally.
  • Secure Investment. Built as an open platform, you can be confident that Louise © integrates with existing or newly purchased industry-standard equipment.
  • PPV, VOD, Internet Publishing Tools. Specialized modules automate the secure delivery of pre-designated schedules or content for use in Pay Per View, Video on Demand or Online.
  • Future Proof. ProConsultant Informatique is a nimble, forward thinking company that adapts to new technologies and innovates within its open platform architecture to meet market changes.
  • Proven, Reliable Robust. Louise © is operating in both large and small TV channels throughout the world. Its reliability has been proven in a diverse range of television channels situations.