Business Management Solution for Media Group Mogador Cindy Louise
Powerful feature set
for maximizing revenue
The Smart Choice to Optimize Air Time Sales

Cindy ©’s powerful infrastructure and extraordinary features make it the smart choice among Air Time traffic & TV and Radio ad sales management systems. Cindy © applies its intelligent, dynamic, logical processes to help manage every aspect of your air time sales operation – from proposal through reporting. The toolset and workflow is incredibly straightforward and user friendly. The result is a more efficient way to work and better options for maximizing ad revenue opportunities.

A sampling of some key features and benefits

Key Features

Key Benefits

  • Integrated database with access management provides a secure, efficient system for managing the entire TV and Radio ad sales process.
  • Accuracy and security are assured in a centralized database. One source for all information gives greater control.
  • User-friendly. Clear interfaces, logical data entry, drag and drop capabilities, flexible features.
  • Improved productivity - Ergonomic design simplifies workflow; one-time data entry adds efficiency.
  • Built-in Optimization. Automated Scheduling Module matches designated criteria within a time frame to deliver optimal spot placements.
  • Your Criteria. With defined guidelines, the system follows your pre-set directions to schedule for optimal spot placement.
  • Product Placement. Ability to schedule campaigns and orders to particular programs, such as football or newscasts. Including precise location within a break.
  • Enhance Ad Revenue. Get premium rates by ensuring spot placement is associated with particular programming elements, like news or sports.
  • Drill-down search. Powerful, user friendly search answers complex queries fast; displayed in your pre-set views.
  • Instant Information. Find what you need quickly and easily with pre-set searches and preferred views.
  • Real-time updates. Dynamic updating always gives you the most current status of your ad inventory.
  • React to changing scenarios. Avails change with new orders. Knowing your status gives you maximum flexibility.
  • Graphical snapshot. Monitoring module presents your weekly scheduling grid with blocks and breaks in a user-friendly view.
  • Visual layout provides a concise, easy way to see your weekly schedule of upcoming booked commercial spots and open avails.
  • Rate Card Flexibility. Adapt your pricing to different data scenarios: audience, position in break, etc.
  • Price Grid Options. Implement different models for a full range of program or sellout scenarios.
  • Campaign options including barter management with a selection of status choices.
  • Multi-level management of major advertisers and multiple flights and mini-campaigns.
  • Master Contracts manage the clients schedules and associate them with a budget, rebates or bonuses.
  • Always know how different schedules are impacting overall campaign budgets including rebates and bonuses.
  • Versatile planning options for scheduling blocks, breaks, billboards, secondary events, product placement.
  • Pre-planning simplified. Templates and placeholders can be used for long-term planning.
  • Copy Rotation. Straightforward management and rotation of different copy versions.
  • Manage copy so that proper media and versions are scheduled and rotated.

  • Comprehensive Reports. Any and all data can be displayed. It’s easy to view and design your own report criteria for analysis and financial reporting.
  • Ultimate flexibility. Get the best insight and perspectives for better planning. Any kind of data can easily be incorporated in your reports.
  • Internal checks. Careful tracking of relationships between brands, advertisers and agencies ensures accurate commissions even when accounts switch agencies.
  • Trust Tracking improves your ability to adhere to strict contract requirements and properly assess charges and pay agency commissions.

  • Proof of Performance. Data integration makes it easier to meet increased demands.