Business Management Solution for Media Group Mogador Cindy Louise
The Smart Choice
to Optimize Air Time Sales
"The interface is very easy to use and we have configured the system to meet our operational needs. It’s very intuitive and because Cindy is dynamically updated, I always have an accurate view of my ad inventory status."

Manon Vincent
Head of Sales Operations, Télé-Québec
Management System Maximizes Air Time Sales

Cindy © is an advanced Air Time sales software for optimizing ad inventory. Cindy ©’s extensive, customizable modules make it an ideal choice for managing TV and Radio commercial sales and commercial traffic in individual, multi-station and multi-platform situations. The powerful, centralized database with controlled access ensures the efficiency of your operations.

Dynamic, Real-time Inventory Analysis

Cindy © offers comprehensive and flexible tools to maximize your ad revenue. With smart, dynamic updating, Cindy © always presents the current status of your ad inventory for more effective management. Planning and scheduling modules adapt to your workflows – including team and account management, proposal and contract handling, automated and manual scheduling, monitoring and reporting.

Tracking and Financial Reporting

Cindy © combines data tracking with extensive search and reporting capabilities to deliver accurate, customizable reports for planning and financial purposes. Cindy © includes a flexible invoice generating system and also interfaces with accounting, financial and enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle Financials.

Key Features of Cindy © Integrated database
with access management provides a secure, efficient system for managing the entire TV and Radio commercial sales process.
- Clear interfaces, logical data entry, drag and drop capabilities, flexible features.
Built-in ad inventory optimization
- Automated Scheduling Module matches designated criteria within a time frame to deliver optimal TV and Radio commercial spot placements.
Drill-down search
- Powerful search and report answers complex queries fast; displayed in your pre-set views.
Real-time Updates
- Dynamic updating always gives you the most current status of your inventory.
Graphical Snapshots
- Monitoring module presents your weekly scheduling grid with   blocks and breaks in a user-friendly view.